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Yoga & 


What does yoga have to do with simplicity? 

I used to follow others because I was truly lost and confused. 

I used to buy my happiness. 

I didn't know who I was or what I stood for.

I was a people pleaser. 

It felt uncomfortable to be me.

I would often find myself reaching out to others for advice. Being influenced by their opinions,

and making decisions from there.

That left me with no understanding of my intuition, what I wanted, needed and how to navigate life without the feedback from the people around me.

I also overperformed, overgave and overachieved most of my life to feel worthy within. 

This led me to burn out.

What shifted? I began to dive deeper into yoga, then meditation, and then deeper inner work.

I committed to re-discovering myself. As a result, I stopped trying to fit in, embraced my true self 

and realized how little I need in my life in order to feel fulfilled, happy, joyful and truly satisfied with the life I have created.


Practicing Yoga, Espcaillay
Kundalini has helped me 

  • Increase my body awareness 

  • Relax my mind

  • Heal

  • Find the strength to look at my shadows and face them

  • Address my deepest wounds and find compassion for myself

  • Awaken my inner creativity

  • Feel calm and grounded despite external circumstances 

  • Become more resilient, courageous and deepen my trust


The Basis of Yoga is Mindfulness

That’s why I always start my classes with breathwork and meditation, taking time to connect with our bodies, setting an intention for the practice and making it all about self-transformation and connection to the true self within. 

Practicing with me will help you:

  • Reduce or eliminate muscle and body aches 

  • Get comfortable with your body and learn its capacity 

  • Notice and let go of judgments about yourself and your body 

  • Understand your mind and body connection, move through mental blocks & heal 


I Offer

1:1 private classes in the comfort of your own home 

Private group classes for you, your special events, your company or organization 

Yoga classes at retreats

Collaborations with brands or organizations who promote mindful living, healthy lifestyle and are focused on inner healing and mental health.

It was a beautiful experience with Ala. it was nice meeting her. I was blessed to join her breath work and meditation class. I had a great vision of goddess during first bar therapy she offered me.. felt intense love over heart chakra. I will definitely take more classes from her especially breath work. I am very thankful and happy

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