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Welcome! I'm Ala - Simplicity Teacher.  Helping you declutter and simplify your life so you spend less time feeling stuck and overwhelmed and more time doing what you truly love. 




  • You have a simplified & clutter free home that feels good to spend time in.

  • Your space feels nice & organized and you don't feel overwhelmed trying to find things. 

  • You feel more balanced and have more time, space and energy to spend on things that matter most to you.

  • You wake up feeling joyful and fulfilled instead of frustrated and worn out.

  • You are crystal clear about what matters to you and you live your values. 

  • You finally experience deep inner peace without the fears, worries and anxiety that can derail your routines.




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Do you feel overwhelmed by the clutter surrounding your life?

You look at your material possessions and relationships around you and you have this gut feeling that they do not add value to your life.


Do you desire to be fully present and have more time for self care?

You tend to be distracted with cloudy mind not being aware of what is really happening deep inside your body.


Do you want to live life from a deep intuitive space?

You've heard that inner voice guiding you to something new but often too fearful to act upon it.

If these 3 questions above resonate with you then The Mindful Living program is something I developed specifically for busy women like you.


Hi! I'm Alicja...

I created my Mindful Living Program for moms (but anyone can benefit from it) to help them clear out the internal and energetic clutter as well as the clutter in their physical spaces so they can live a life of deep fulfillment, connection and meaning. Steps that I am guiding them through in my mentorship container are exactly the same steps that I have personally journeyed on when I had finally enough of feeling totally out of control, super busy and overwhelmed all of the time with everything in my life. Seeking clarity and balance in my life took me on a roller coaster ride from divorcing, quitting my job, becoming unemployed, feeling depressed and rediscovering myself again. Had I have the tools that I have now and awareness around it, I am sure my journey could have been less painful. From feeling miserable and full of doubts I transformed into becoming confident, connected and truly aligned with myself. I created my dream life. Since I invested in myself, started working with coaches and seeking to find more order and balance.. my whole life changed. Once I experienced it for myself I just realized how many other moms out there are struggling like I was and I felt compelled to help. This is why I created my program to guide you towards a life full of joy, ease and glory.

...And now I've developed a 9 step process that I walk my clients through everyday helping them to DECLUTTER their life, find CLARITY and CONNECT with their highest self.


Minimize Your Life

Become guilt-free and attachment-free

I will help you declutter your life from things that you do not need and relationships that are draining you down.


Meditate On Your Past, Future And Present

Find clarity and declutter with ease by becoming aware of your patterns and triggers.

Heal your past, become clear about your future and stay focused on the present moment.


Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams

Declutter and make room for new things to blossom and grow in your life.

Learn how to find the truth within, follow your intuition, overcome your fears and turn your mistakes into valuable lessons.

This Process Is For You If:

  • You feel stuck, paralyzed and do not know where to start decluttering process. 

  • Your home is overflowing with stuff and its hard to keep it tidy

  • You are always busy yet you know that something is missing in your life & you can't quite figure out what it is

  • You are run by bad habits and wish you had the strength to change them

  • You often feel frustrated and not being your best version for your kids and/or partner

  • You know you deserve to feel better and more content, however, investing in yourself feels like something you are not worthy of doing

Bedside Table

The Mindful Living Program Will Help You:

  • Get unstuck and find clarity

  • Clear the clutter from your home and life 

  • Find long lasting happiness coming from within not from material possessions 

  • Grow your self worth and embrace the feeling of deserving way more than you currently have

  • Understand that it is not selfish to desire a life filled with joy, ease and purpose


I am a professional organizer, yoga teacher, energy healer and simplicity teacher to awakening moms. 

I am a warrior, colourful, strong, and straightforward individual. A mother and passionate student of Kundalini Yoga.

It took me 37 years to finally discover my true self. I was living my life on autopilot being told by others what I should be doing. I checked everything from the list: finished university, got my diploma, married my husband, bought a house, had a daughter.

I did not know how to listen to myself.

I did not know how to choose for myself.

I did not know how to say “no” to others.

Instead, I followed others opinions, suggestions and judgments.

Until the day when everything shifted and I knew it’s either living my life for myself or for others.

I choose myself because deep inside I knew if I heal myself everything around me will change simultaneously.

So what did I do?


I started analyzing my surroundings. I became aware of accumulated things and relationships that did not serve me. I minimized my life and learned how to set boundaries. I surrounded myself with things and relationships that are adding value to my life. 



I decided to invest in my own healing and transformation. I connected with different therapists and coaches. Took different group programs, discovered the power of the collective and like minded people. Through years of hard work and self discovery I was able to shed what never belonged to me and overcome my destructive patterns. I no longer find myself stuck in situations that don’t serve my highest self and I am committed to personal development and to grow more and more every day.


I aligned with my highest self and discovered my life purpose.  The mission I am on currently is to help busy moms achieve a healthy balance and clarity in their life so they can focus on themselves more without feeling guilty about it. At the same time to become their best versions of themselves, be an example for others to follow and contribute to making a difference in the world



Once I connected to my soul and let it guide me, my life took on a different journey. I am able to live the life I love and manifest beautiful experiences and people flowing into me. I ignited my creative mind and began making a difference and impact on people's lives. Travelling, following my passions, connecting to like minded people and never ending self discovery made me create the life of my dreams and I want you to create one as well! Everything is possible, we just have to allow for it. 

"My conversations with Alicja always leave me feeling understood and valued. Her dialogue is filled with pure honesty and she radiates enthusiasm and positivity.  She’s encourages me to practice self reflection and to live my life to my fullest potential. She truly believes in self love, women empowerment and healthy lifestyles.  She’s helped me realize that I can be a mother, have a career, live healthy and maintain healthy relationships all by setting healthy boundaries.  She has taught me healthy life balances and shown me the benefits of living through clarity".

Natalie C

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