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My mission is ..

 ... to inspire people to turn away from material gain and pursue internal fulfilment. One way to do this is to buy less. Just because we have more things around us, that doesn’t mean we’re going to be any happier. Quite the opposite, in fact. The desire to own more, and to keep up with others, is hurting us and our precious planet through overconsumption. That’s why I am so keen to help you unclutter your space, and unclutter your life. 


I firmly believe that keeping your space organized and free of clutter is the first step towards freedom and flexibility.

An uncluttered space creates an uncluttered mind, and gives you more time and energy to focus on what truly matters to you.


"Alicja has been a great support to myself, when I was going through a major life change. I was at the time feeling incredibly overwhelmed by life. With her undying encouragement and understanding, I was able to breathe and appreciate my Surroundings. I am a front line worker very busy with a complicated personal life, she helped me stop and take a break from my every day routine. Alicja helped me to analyze my feelings and helped me to understand that life is just not about the status that we carry, or the relationships that we find ourselves in. Rather life is about the deeper understanding of our true selves. With her advice and understanding I entered into the personal journey of healing from my past experiences. As a result of her counselling I have ultimately improved my relationships with my adult children, moved from my previous large abode and have learned to live with less material objects,and opened up my mind to the beauty of less is more. I continue to expand my horizons and have recently secured a small escape from the city, where I can fill my head and soul with the beauty of peace and quiet and nature remanding me with Alicjas help that I can achieve great things once I allowed my self to feel at peace and open my heart. With many many thanks"

Angela D.

"My conversations with Alicja always leave me feeling understood and valued. Her dialogue is filled with pure honesty and she radiates enthusiasm and positivity. She’s encourages me to practice self reflection and to live my life to my fullest potential. She truly believes in self love, women empowerment and healthy lifestyles. She’s helped me realize that I can be a mother, have a career, live healthy and maintain healthy relationships all by setting healthy boundaries. She has taught me healthy life balances and shown me the benefits of living through clarity."

Natalie C.

"Ala came to our house and organized our office space as we needed it for a long time. She did a fabulous work making sure every item had its place. Not only did she organize the space but the room felt inviting again and inspiring to maintain the order we so craved. Her thoughtful approach and zenful organizing made me realize the connection between the outside and inner clutter we have in our lives. Ala’s not only a great help for any home related situations and life hacks, but also a wonderful human being to be with and talk to. Her balanced approach to life has been inspiring, to say the least."

Gosia M.

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